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What is a GOemployer?

A Global Opportunity Employer (GOemployer) is a company interested in hiring the world’s top talent.

GOemployers recognize the need to diversify their workforce as well as tap into underutilized talent pools in order to fill hard-to-fill positions, especially in the STEM fields or where multiple languages or cultural intelligence is key. They are willing to hire international students with a valid visa status who do not require sponsorship for internships and full-time employment through the CPT or OPT programs.

GOemployers may also consider sponsoring foreign nationals for employer sponsored work visas (e.g. H-1B) once a student’s work authorization has concluded.

As a certified GOemployer, your company agrees to:

  • Consider international student candidates for appropriate positions.
  • Forward job postings to GTRI for distribution to international students and partner universities.
  • Use the GOemployer logo for Michigan job postings and career fairs.

The benefits of becoming a GOemployer:

  • Becoming a GOemployer doesn’t cost anything – it’s FREE!
  • Direct access to top international student talent studying at Michigan universities, with a high concentration of STEM candidates.
  • Resources to hire International Students & other foreign nationals including qualification to utilize GOregistry, our database of international students interested in obtaining internships or jobs utilizing CPT, OPT, or through employer based work visas.
  • Assistance with the immigration planning process and referrals to highly qualified immigration attorneys.
  • Permission to use the GOemployer logo on job postings, websites, and advertisements.
  • Permission to display the GOemployer logo at career fairs to international students know which employers will consider them in their hiring process.
  • Assurance your company is in compliance with U.S. anti-discrimination laws.  (Prohibited Personnel Practices and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment based on national origin)

What happens once my company becomes a GOemployer?

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  • GTRI will serve as a valuable resource for your recruitment needs.
  • Contact us anytime with questions regarding hiring international students.  We will assist you with understanding the immigration process as well as the cultural and linguistic issues you may encounter.
  • Send us your job postings.  We distribute job opportunities regularly to our networks through e-newsletters, job alert notices, posting on our website, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Maximize your talent search by making sure international students can easily recognize you as a GOemployer by displaying the GOemployer logo at Michigan job fairs and on all electronic or hard copy job postings, as well as in relevant marketing materials.
  • COMING SOON – access to a talent match database system, GOregistry, that will give you direct connections to top international student talent studying at Michigan universities.

How does the GOemployer certification work?

  • Contact Global Detroit Director of Corporate and Economic Development Strategy Gracie Xavier at
  • Gracie will contact you to go over the benefits and expectations of being a GOemployer as well as answer any questions you have about hiring international students.

*The Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan (GTRI) is an employer resource for companies interested in hiring qualified foreign nationals.  GTRI is not a law firm and therefore cannot prepare or file immigration applications on the employer’s behalf.  International students are often eligible for their own work authorization for which they must take responsibility.  GTRI cannot file international student work authorization applications on their behalf.

A GTRI staff member will contact you soon to go over the benefits and expectations of being a GOemployer as well as answer any questions you have about hiring international students.