Words of Wisdom

Politics. Generational psychology. Detroit’s history. These are just a few of the topics Mr. Wassel and I discussed at the GTRI/NACSAE Career Fair while manning the Global Detroit table. Being a Principal at Chromestar HR Advisors, Lou has taken his passion for people to the next level. He is generous enough to donate much of his time to the GTRI mission; in fact, it is because of people like Lou that news of GTRI events continues to spread nationally. This individual’s expanse of knowledge to share is simply astounding; he gave unparalleled attention to each student who approached us by critiquing resumes, identifying valuable skills, and giving tips on presenting/marketing those skills to employers. Thankfully, he also agreed to a follow-up interview for the purpose of relaying a few aforementioned tips to our social media audience.

Lou was wholly impressed by the degree of sincerity that many attendees exuded. This personability creates lasting impressions on employers and sets candidates apart from the crowd. Also, he acknowledged that the level of academic achievement seen in most students deserved a commendation of its own. As for improvements, we agreed that a large amount of candidates at our fair had resumes that were simply too long. Since resumes are supposed to be a brief introduction to one’s credentials, they should be no more than one page in length. As a student gains more work experience, a slightly longer resume is acceptable. Moral of the story is, don’t confuse a resume and a CV. Finally, Lou highly recommends that job-seekers spend some time memorizing 30-second and 2-minute “elevator pitches” to get employers interested. These consist of a brief introduction, educational background, work experience, and relevant skills, all in a quick but conversational monologue. The shorter or longer version can be used depending on the setting and social circumstances.

We thank Mr. Wassel for his support and can’t wait to see what new experiences the next GTRI event will bring!