Virtuous Volunteering

We had the pleasure of including my good friend Alex Stojkovski, an accomplished Macedonian student, in our volunteer group during the 2017 GTRI/NACSAE Career Fair recently. He was quick on his feet to learn the event’s operations, meanwhile absorbing GTRI’s philosophy of international student inclusion. I knew his heart was in the right place as soon as he began interacting with the students and employers. Although newly familiar with our organization, Alex has been involved with the immigrant community since his parents’ arrival to the United States over two decades ago. His goal was to formally participate in an event that benefits our international community, so our Career Fair was naturally the perfect opportunity to spring into action.

“I grew up in a bilingual home and always appreciated belonging to American and Macedonian culture. It has enriched my outlook on life, and I felt that now was the time to give back”, says Alex. He notes that the international students’ level of perseverance and dedication to career advancement was “simply inspiring” and hopes to apply the same degree of ambition to his own job search upon graduation. “These students refuse to quit, even though they face tremendous legal, time-related, and financial challenges to remain scholars in the United States”, he adds. “If you want to witness how competitive international talent is, speak to any one of the hundreds of Thursday’s participants. You will be amazed”.

Volunteers like Alex are the types of individuals that not only donate time to a progressive cause, but also provide our organization with a fresh and unique outlooks on our functionality. Therefore, we took pride in his thoughtful review and look forward to his participation in the next GTRI event.

If you are interested in a volunteering opportunity, please send a letter of interest to