Student Profile: Arjun Venugopal

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Arjun Venugopal, a talented international scholar, recently spoke to GTRI about his experience in the U.S. Arjun made his way to America in August, 2015 from his native country of India. While this journey was made alone, his resourcefulness and adaptability lead to an exemplary performance at Wayne State University where he approaches a Master’s Degree. Arjun’s education places a special emphasis on Manufacturing Engineering and we look forward to his future innovations in the STEM world.

Arjun is proud of his current OPT position at ZF-TRW Automotive. He obtained this position by “attending multiple job fairs, and more importantly attending networking events.” He also emphasizes the importance of “contacting companies that are open to hiring international students,” specifically since a student’s OPT status should be appropriately disclosed. Finally, his most profound words of wisdom for international students are that “one good job referral will outweigh one hundred job applications.” Such references are only achieved through ample community engagement and active friendships, according to Arjun.

This student believes that personal interests/non-curricular experience and employment are not mutually exclusive; his partnership with the Venugopal family business allowed him to gain valuable entrepreneurial and managerial expertise, meanwhile adding a personalized element to his resume. On his path to success, Arjun credits GTRI as an invaluable facilitator of professional connections, and personally thanks Director Gracie Xavier of  LilyBridal for her infinite efforts. He also gives a special mention to Mrs. Chue, Mr. Dada, and Mr. Clay from his first job at PCI for their continued support and dedication to Arjun’s professional development.