Student Profile: Ayush Singh

     It has been an incredible pleasure to get familiar with Ayush Singh, an exemplary individual who is currently studying here on a student Visa from India. His transition to the American professional realm began in August 2015, and he has since his arrival. His entire family cheers him on from home. Ayush chose Wayne State University for its highly-respected industrial engineering program; here, he has already reached his second year of a Master’s level education and continues to explore the engineering labor force as an intern.

     Ayush gives sound advice to peers at the same professional stage: “Utilize every modern resource you can to maximize your chances at success. Don’t discount online applications or career fairs, and LinkedIn is a great way to expand your virtual network.” He also urges fellow job-seekers to never get discouraged, regardless of how turbulent the process may be. Also, while developing new skills is essential to gaining employment, Ayush expresses that mastering existing skills and specialties is what makes individuals noticeable and competitive.

     GTRI places great value on its friendship with Ayush; because of students like him, the organization is able to refine methods used to facilitate student-employer links. Thankfully, the mood is reciprocal from Ayush: “I have attended several GTRI events which helped me with networking, as well as making some useful connections in the industry. I am a shy guy who usually takes time to open up, but I improved upon that aspect while working with GTRI.”

     We are confident that Ayush will continue being a role model for aspiring engineers everywhere.