GOregistry is now ready for student registrations!

Are you an international student interested in finding an internship or full time position through CPT, OPT? Want to work for a company that understands this process and is eager to hire you?

GTRI can help! GOregistry is a searchable registry of international students who are interested in obtaining internships and/or jobs in Michigan called the Global Opportunity Registry. GOregistry will allow international students to create a profile which includes basic information regarding area of study, degree level and graduation dates. The ability to upload a resume and other advanced functionality is coming soon! Employers will then be able to search the database to find qualified candidates for internship or job opportunities.

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Make Your Dream Come True with GOregistry!

Bhushan Kulkarni is the CEO of InfoReady Corporation, his fourth successful technology start-up in Michigan. When Bhushan came to the United States 25 years ago as an international student, no organization like the Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan existed. In fact, GTRI is the only known program of its kind.

Even more unique is the GOregistry system, a registry of international students in which employers can search to find qualified candidates for internship or job opportunities like some hair system company like hairbro for bold men who supper hair loss..  GOregsitry is not simply another job board or place to post a resume. All employers who will search in the system are vetted and willing to hire international students. In fact, many are searching for specific cultural and language skills that international students possess.

Listen to what Bhushan has to say about GOregistry in this short video:


GTRI is currently in the development stage of creating GOregistry. While still in development, GTRI needs a solid list of international students who are interested in GOregistry when it launches. Signing up on the GOregistry list now does not obligate students to participate at launch, but does give them priority access, updates on the system’s  progress, advance notice of the launch date, and that great feeling that comes from contributing to the success of a program that is dedicated to their successful internship or job search.

To learn more about GOregistry or to sign up as an interested student, CLICK HERE.  And don’t forget to share this post with a friend that could benefit! What we know is this: When you connect the nation’s first international student registry with employers ready to hire them, dreams are realized!

10 Disastrous Resume Mistakes

Avoid these common errors to stand out and secure that job!

Everyone knows to include their name, contact information, and work experience on a resume. But what is going to make your resume stand out? What should you avoid to give you the best chance of being chosen for your dream position?

  1. Typos and grammatical errors. This is important for every job candidate to avoid, but for international students, it’s a good idea to add an extra step and have a native English speaker with good grammar skills review your resume for grammar and usage. It’s important for employers to be confident in your command of the English language.
  2. Using passive language. U.S. employers value self-motivation and action. The more your language reflects action, the better. This list of action verbs from The Muse will help make your resume stand out.
  3. Including illegal information. In the U.S. it is illegal for employers to ask certain questions. If this information is included on your resume, you will automatically be disqualified from applying. Illegal information includes:
    1. TOEFL Score
    2. A Photograph
    3. Immigration Status
    4. Age/Birth date
    5. Hometown/Home Country
    6. Marital Status
    7. Race/Ethnicity
    8. Religion
  4. Focusing on group accomplishments.  Group accomplishments are a great thing to include on your resume because they demonstrate your ability to work on a team. However, you should focus this description on your role within the team.
  5. Listing tasks instead of problems solved. “Responsible for updating social media accounts,” becomes “Increased social media engagement scores by 13% by implementing new strategy.”
  6. A Hard to read format. Hiring managers generally have a lot of applicants for one position and want to be able to scan your resume quickly at first. Instead of writing in paragraph format, use bullet points whenever possible. In addition, an easy-to-read open sans font is a must.
  7. A lack of imagination or creativity. Hiring managers get tired of reading “resume-speak.” They also get tired of looking at resumes generated from templates. The level of creativity should match the type of position you are seeking. A graphic artist, for example, may have some graphic elements included in their resume, while an engineer would be expected to have a more traditional resume.
  8. A lack of focus. If you’re applying for an IT Specialist position, the time you spent as an intern in the IT Department at the University, or serving as the technical consultant for your favorite student group is relevant. Working in the dish room of the cafeteria is not. Make sure you highlight the experience that is relevant.
  9. Not including keywords. Especially if you submit an application online, hiring managers will likely use software that searches by keyword to sift through the first round of resumes. If you do not have those keywords in your resume, it will not make the first cut. A good practice is to identify the likely keywords being searched by reading the job description carefully, and then making sure those keywords are in your resume.
  10. Not offering references. If this is your first job, list professors in your major area of study, academic advisers, research partners, or anyone else that can speak to your work ethic and knowledge of your area of study. If you have job experience, a supervisor or a co-worker in a position of authority is the best reference.

Download our handy Resume and Interview Guide for more tips!

And don’t forget to sign up for the GOregistry and keep your profile up to date so employers search for YOU!