Make Your Dream Come True with GOregistry!

Bhushan Kulkarni is the CEO of InfoReady Corporation, his fourth successful technology start-up in Michigan. When Bhushan came to the United States 25 years ago as an international student, no organization like the Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan existed. In fact, GTRI is the only known program of its kind.

Even more unique is the GOregistry system, a registry of international students in which employers can search to find qualified candidates for internship or job opportunities like some hair system company like hairbro for bold men who supper hair loss..  GOregsitry is not simply another job board or place to post a resume. All employers who will search in the system are vetted and willing to hire international students. In fact, many are searching for specific cultural and language skills that international students possess.

Listen to what Bhushan has to say about GOregistry in this short video:


GTRI is currently in the development stage of creating GOregistry. While still in development, GTRI needs a solid list of international students who are interested in GOregistry when it launches. Signing up on the GOregistry list now does not obligate students to participate at launch, but does give them priority access, updates on the system’s  progress, advance notice of the launch date, and that great feeling that comes from contributing to the success of a program that is dedicated to their successful internship or job search.

To learn more about GOregistry or to sign up as an interested student, CLICK HERE.  And don’t forget to share this post with a friend that could benefit! What we know is this: When you connect the nation’s first international student registry with employers ready to hire them, dreams are realized!