Student Spotlight: Sangeeth Sudharaka Pushewalage


Sangeeth Sudharaka Pushewalage is originally from Sri Lanka.  He left his country for the Sangeeth.PushewalageSangeeth.Pushewalagefirst time to come to Michigan for college.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting and finance.  Sangeeth is now starting to pursue his Master of Science in accounting in fall 2014 at Grand Valley State University.  He is currently the only Sri Lankan student at his University.

Sangeeth is currently on OPT, which will be expiring in December 2014.  He will be eligible for CPT as soon as he starts his graduate program in the fall.

The number one reason Sangeeth chose Grand Valley to pursue his Master’s Degree is because of Grand Valley’s positive reputation for their Seidman Business School.  Sangeeth received a scholarship to fund his tuition expenses.  Grand Valley was a smart choice for Sangeeth because Grand Valley is the best value school, has a supportive international student program and his credits transferred easily.

Sangeeth has had difficulties in finding an internship being an international student.  He has been previously told by employers that he has all the qualifications for a specific job but these companies were hesitant to hire him.  They would not have been able to hire him as a full time employee after giving him an internship.  Some employers even rejected interviewing him because they knew they would have to sponsor him for an H1-B visa.


Eventually Sangeeth was able to land an internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Detroit.  Having completed that internship, he is currently waiting to begin his next internship with Perrigo Company in Allegan, Mich.

Sangeeth has adjusted to the cold Michigan weather, but misses the year round warm weather in Sri Lanka.  “Being the only child in my family makes me miss my parents a lot,” Sangeeth said after being asked about what he misses about home. He misses hanging out with his friends as well.

Sangeeth’s hobbies include listening to music, playing basketball, shooting pool and hanging out with his friends.  He also likes to research about new technological products in the market.

Sangeeth Pushewalage

Sangeeth Pushewalage


Sangeeth has visited many beautiful places within Sri Lanka including Hunnas Falls, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa.  He also got the chance to explore the United States when he came here for school.  Sangeeth got the opportunity to travel to Chicago and Anaheim, California with his fraternity Beta Alpha Psi.  He also trained in Tampa, Florida for his internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Sangeeth plans to stay in Michigan.  He has adjusted to the environment of West Michigan after living there for a few years.  He has also made a lot of friends in the area.  Sangeeth wants to give back to West Michigan by working there. Sangeeth.Pushewalage

Sangeeth will seek a job in Michigan to start after he receives his masters in January 2016.